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Update the controls...

Could we PLEASE use two separate keys for fighting? I recognize the face that one button makes this game unique, but unfortunately way too cumbersome. If you could update the controls, this would be my favorite game evar.

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All Out

I thoroughly enjoyed this song. It's obvious that you went all out in a jam session with this one. I sometimes do the same with my trial version of FL. :-3

However, there were three issues with this: length, melody, and segments.
Length was my biggest peeve, because, to put it simply, it wasn't long enough; "long" being the usual </= 4 min song. I suggest, instead of adding different segments within the song, where you change the instruments, simply increase the length of each segment. I would suggest doing 16X16 pieces, as you did with your heavy synth segment at 0:41. Also, make a gradual lead up to your base and the heavy synth, because those are the best attribute of this song.
Melody was amazing. I've never heard such a catchy tune; it's simple, yet fluid. But because you transitioned between so many instruments, it was hard to really connect with the melody. Again, I loved the synth, and I think that should be your main instrument that is built up to, and added on to by other instruments. My suggestion is to never use a piano as your main instrument, unless it is support by others.
The segments of the song also really brought it down. I'm using segments in the place of a more appropriate word I can't think of right now, so don't hurt me. :-/ After 1:08, I kept expecting the song to return to the synth or to build up to something, but it never did. It felt like a bunch of songs on a mixed CD. Although my feelings about this could be due to the shortness of the song and the quick transitions between the segments, which ties back to length.

Overall, I loved this song. I'm stilll listening to it as I write this. The beginning is upbeat and allowed me to jump right in it. I believe that the song was at its best up to 1:08. After that, it seemed to lose its energy and potential after such epic synth. The deep bass was so addicting. As others said, it does need a better, gradually ending...ending. But I also think that the beginning should be a gradual lead up as well. And there seemed to be no conclusive middle, or chorus.

All-in-all, you have extreme potential for being a hired-by-big-clubs-on-a-regular-basis Trance DJ, or Progressive House, whatever they call it these days. And that's a good thing too, because pop music is moving from hip-hop to techno, and techno is now moving from House to Trance, and you should definently get ready to jump on the DJ circut. Again, I LOVE this song, the core melody is just awesome. I support you 100%.

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